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Ebrington Womens Institute is 70 years old – Happy Birthday to the WI

Features by Tony No Comments »

On Thursday 13th March 2008 Ebrington Womens Institute (WI) celebrated it’s 70th birthday with the a splendid meal, the cutting of a birthday cake and the taking of a group photograph as part of their normal monthly meeting. The speaker was a professional lady toastmaster, one of only four in the country, so it was appropriate for her to keep the birthday events in order. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chipping Campden WI

Chipping Campden Bulletin, Noticeboard by Adam No Comments »

The November meeting of Chipping Campden WI always includes the AGM so we usually whiz through the ordinary monthly meeting, minutes, reports and so on, to get to the AGM as quickly as possible Afterwards we normally have a short talk before refreshments. This year was different. We did it the other way round!

The charming speaker had brought a presentation from the Gloucestershire Animal Welfare Association and Cheltenham Animal Shelter. Miss Jenner told us of the surprisingly wide field of activities that come under that organisation. As one would expect much of their work is in rescuing and, when the owners cannot be found, rehoming dogs and cats. Nine out of ten are strays but one in 10 is signed over from someone who cannot for good reason continue to keep their pet.

When a stray cat or dog is brought in, it is checked to see if it has a named collar or a microchip giving the owners name. If the owner cannot be traced the animal is vaccinated and any fleas and worms are dealt with during a seven-day period during which it is housed in quarantine. Sometimes the owner contacts them and can be reunited with their lost pet. If this does not happened then rehoming is arranged where this is possible. Alas, more cats and dogs come to the shelter than there are people seeking new pets. Some too are too old, ill, badly behaved or otherwise unsuitable for rehoming and then, with regret, the answer may have to be ‘euthanising.’

After explaining the ramifications of this and other sides of their work. Miss Jenner, told us, with illustrations, of some of the tragic cases of neglect and abuse that have occurred. She hastened to assure us that none was local to our county, but the thought that anyone, anywhere, could have left a dog for six weeks locked in the house without food while they went on holiday or that boys could have attempted to hang a stolen puppy and then used it for target practice , was too horrific for words.

Her own particular field is in education. Not just spreading news of the Shelter to WIs and other groups, but a project against violence, teaching disruptive schoolchildren and young offenders with a history of violence how to behave to other people and to animals. The intention is to increase compassion and respect for others together with getting them to become more responsible. We felt this aspect of her work was extremely valuable. The vote of thanks by Mrs Carole Moss expressed our appreciation both of her talk and of the work or the organisation.

Then she left for it was a cold and frosty night and she had a long way to go. We turned to the more mundane matters of our ordinary and annual general meetings. At the AGM our President, Mrs Sue Morrey gave a report on her first year in office thanking her committee and others who had helped during the year – and later on the agenda she was voted back unanimously for next year. Awards were presented for those first second and third in the two monthly competitions held throughout the year. Thanks to the officers and to the committee as a whole in the past year were again unanimously and warmly given.

Next came the refreshments, which were lavish and, of course, scrumptious.

(From the Chipping Campden Bulletin. Reproduced with kind permission of Jeremy Green)

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The Great British Village Show – BBC eat your heart out

Events, Features, Food and Produce by Tony 1 Comment »

Saturday 11th August Ebrington Flower and Vegetable Show

The Ebrington and District Gardening Club are holding their 27th Annual Show at The Washbrook Barn, Ebrington and in spite of the recent bad weather, the Club is hoping to have lots and lots of entries in all of the classes to show (no pun intended) that the village tradition and its growing and craft skills are as strong as ever.

There are classes for – Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit,Floral Art,Cookery,Wine,Photography and Craft Work.

Whilst entry is generally for club members only the Children’s classes are open to any child up to and including the age of 12 years and the Floral Art classes are also open to members of Ebrington Women’s Institute.

You will have seen The Great British Village Show on the telly so lets show the BBC what a real Cotswold Village Show is all about (and our judges are just as fierce and just as critical) but unfortunately we can’t take the winners to Highgrove.

The Show is open to the public from 2.30pm and prizes are presented at 4.00pm.

The Show proved to be a big success with over 400 entries and lots of visitors. In particular the children’s section was very well supported with 45 entries and the overall quality of all entries was excellent.

The Special Prizes were awarded as follows:-
Challenge Shield – most points gained in the Show – Rachel Cunynghame
Sarah Grant Memorial Bowl – Lady gaining most points in the Show – Rachel Cunynghame
Miriam Collins Flower Cup – most points gained in Classes 22-61-Rachel Cunynghame
RHS Bronze Medal-most points gained in Classes 1-68-Eric Williams
Drinkwater Cup-for Floral Art Class 71-Beryl Warren
National Vegetable Society Medal-most points gained in Classes 1-21-Doug Drinkwater
National Vegetable Society Medal-best single vegetable exhibit-Doug Drinkwater
National Vegetable Society Medal-most points gained in Classes 1-3-Roger Righton
National Vegetable Society Medal-most points gained in Classes 15-19-Jo Spark
Peter Righton Memorial Cup-Best Dahlia exhibit-Kevin Righton
Best exhibit in Rose Classes 31-34-Jo Spark
Most points gained in Fruit Classes 62-68-Eric Williams
Cherry Trees Floral Art Cup-most points gained in Classes 69-71-Dorothy Hart
Derby Cookery Cup-most points gained in Classes 84-99-Rachel Cunynghame
Best exhibit in Class 85-Lemon Drizzle Cake- Sheila Masey
Tankard-most points gained in Wine Classes-John Baldwin
David Goodenough Cup-best bottle of wine in Show-John Baldwin
Ebrington Arms Cup-most points gained in Photography Classes – Tim Binder
Craft Work Cup-most points gained in Craft Classes- Jo Spark
Craft Prize-best exhibit in Craft Classes – Tim Binder
Paddington Bear Cup-best exhibit in Children’s Classes – Ethan Hannis
RHS Junior Competitor’s Award of Merit – best children’s horticultural exhibit-Kara Cooke
Mai Dorrington Cup – most points gained in children’s under age 5 classes – Christopher Hunt
Mai Dorrington Cup– most points gained in children’s aged 5-8 classes – James Warren
Mai Dorrington Cup– most points gained in children’s aged 9-12 – Chloe Friedman
Gardening Club Monthly Competition- most wins in the year – Jane Hart

The challenge now is to make the 2008 Show even bigger and better – Happy Growing

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Ebrington Women’s Institute and the Pudding Club

Chipping Campden Bulletin, Noticeboard by Adam No Comments »

In every respect it has been a busy time for Ebrington WI. In mid-April they served a traditional tea for a group of American ladies, all of whom were educationalist visiting England to research the WI movement which is unlike anything they have in the States. In addition to enjoying the countryside, they had spent two days visiting NFWI headquarters and Denman College. During a day in the Cotswolds, lunch had been enjoyed at Daylesford and arriving at Ebrington village hall the group found that Margaret Fisher and Pearl Mitchell had set up a small exhibition showing some of the history of the village as well as displaying the Institute’s several publications. From Ebrington they were going on to the Cheese Rollers’ Arms in Leckhampton where they were to be introduced to the mysteries of skittles after meeting up with Gill Thomas the county chairman. The following day would see them on the road again, this time to the Yorkshire Dales to meet the Calendar Girls and Helen Carey a past national president. In addition. Institute members have provided lunch for Cookhill Seniors’ Club who are regular visitors to Ebrington. The following day they brought their 2006/2007 walking season to a traditional close with the annual picnic walk. This year on a very damp day, the destination was the Forest of Dean where they followed the trail of the Dymock Poets and visited a church with an exhibition relating to the poets.

On 12th May, the internationally renowned Pudding Club was able to add Ebrington to its list of tour venues. Maybe not as exotic as Tokyo or New York but those present were no less appreciative. It was a great event and held to help Edward Coombe raise money towards his visit to Bolivia later in the summer. We wish him a very happy and fulfilling experience.

A date for your diary – Saturday, 23rd June, at 6.30 pm – the annual barbecue and boules evening at the village hall. Please bring your own liquid refreshment.

(From the Chipping Campden Bulletin. Included with kind permission of Jeremy Green)

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